Insider Tips for Gutter Cleaning


Gutters are one of the most complicated things to clean. You might find that you think you know the best ways to clean them, but there are ingenious tips that can make this process much more manageable. Remember, gutter cleaning doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

Wear The Proper Clothes

Wearing the proper outfit is vital when you are cleaning gutters because you never know what is in the drain or what can hurt you. You will also be on a ladder and don’t want to fall off due to the wrong footwear. Jeans and a long sleeve shirt should be your go-to outfit, along with rubber gloves. Another helpful tip? Always have someone holding your ladder, so you are safer.

Invest In A Tarpaulin

A tarpaulin is a tool that will prevent any of the moisture from the gutter from getting on the yard. Because you never know just what is lurking inside the drain, this is an excellent option for keeping your yard safe from unwanted debris or critters.

Using A Hose Is Safer

When cleaning out the gutters and flushing out the debris, a simple garden hose can work wonders for you. Be sure to use a bucket or plastic container where the water is going to be flushing because you will have debris coming out. Give it a safe place to land, and your cleanup just became a thousand times easier.

Scooping Isn’t An Issue

When you begin cleaning out your gutters, you will need to scoop up the unwanted mess. Getting a plastic scoop will work wonders on your channels and make the process far more quickly than if you didn’t employ the use of one.

Be Careful Going High

Let’s face it. Gutters are high up. Having the proper ladder will help ensure that you are safe and you can reach where you need to. In particular, an extendable ladder is the best idea for reaching all of those hard-to-reach spaces as well as the nooks and crannies.

Signs You Should Clean Out Gutters Immediately

To ensure that you are experiencing the easiest possible time cleaning your gutters, you should also know some signs that it’s time to get on the ladder. A great example is birds. They will drop sticks and make nests in your gutters which get stuck in your system. If you hear or see birds, it is time for a gutter cleaning. However, if you see a nest with live birds, you might want to wait until they can fly away.

Another sign that you should clean out your gutters is if you have an excess of bugs. Because gutters are dark and damp, it’s the perfect breeding ground for bugs.  You don’t want to have to deal with is those little critters, so you should thoroughly clean the area immediately.

Easy Cleanup With No Hassle

Cleaning your gutters can be a large pain, but it doesn’t have to be with these tips. Now that you know of some great insider tips to ensure that your gutter is clean, you can get started and have them cleaned like a pro in no time at all!