How to Choose the Right Area Rug

The area rug may not seem like an important furnishing to use in your living room or bedroom, but the item can tie the room together and create a space that looks professionally designed. The type of area rug you select will influence the style of the space and will determine if it feels cozy and comfortable. If you’re looking to choose the perfect area rug for your needs, there are a few top tips to follow.

selection of colors and patterns of area rugs

Consider the Colors

The color shades that are used in your area rug should complement the color scheme in the room when decorating the space. If you have a lot of bold colors on the walls and with your furniture, opt for a neutral rug that is minimal and doesn’t overpower the room or clash with the walls. Purchasing an area rug with one or two colors can make it easier to match different styles of decor.

You may also want to choose a color of rug that will pair well with other styles or colors if you want to change the design of the setting in the coming years. If you’re decorating a new space, the color you choose for the rug can make it easier to select the types of decor and furnishings on display in the rest of the setting.


Choose the Right Size

The size of the area rug you select will also influence how attractive it looks in the setting. Consider the placement and layout of the furniture in the space to ensure it blends in well with your furnishings and doesn’t look awkward. It shouldn’t be any more than two feet away from the wall, and the front legs of each furniture item should fit on the rug.

If you want to use an area rug in a bathroom, opt for a round rug that covers a large surface. In the dining room, the furniture should be centered over the rug. The rug should also be the same shape as the dining table.


Consider Cleaning and Maintenance

Not all area rugs are the same. Inexpensive synthetic rugs are relatively easy to maintain with regular vacuuming and the occasional shampoo. However, if you chose to invest in a fine oriental or Persian rug, you will want to take it to a professional with the expertise to clean and preserve delicate rugs. Visit to find out more.


Read Online Reviews

Reading online reviews can allow you to get an idea of if the rug looks just as beautiful in person as it does in the photos. You can also view photos posted by other customers to get different views of the products. Look for a durable rug that holds up well over time without the ends fraying or unraveling. The colors also shouldn’t fade with sun exposure.

If you want to choose the right area rug, following a few guidelines can make it easier to make the right selection. You can get plenty of use out of the rug and enjoy showing it off as you make your house feel more like home.