How to Update Your Existing Furniture for a New Look

You can grow tired of the furniture that you have in your house. You don’t have to go out and purchase new pieces when you want to give your place an update, though. There are ways of updating existing furniture to make it look modern and new.

old and new upholstery on antique furniture

Strip Off Paint and Stain Wooden Pieces:

If there are colored wooden furniture pieces in your home, such as end tables that have been painted, you might consider stripping the paint off of those pieces. You can reveal the wood that is below the paint and then stain that in a color that you like. You can make the pieces look high-end and beautiful by exposing the wood that they are made of and letting it be seen.


Reupholster a Chair:

The fabric on a chair might become outdated before the rest of the chair. You can cover that fabric with something new. It does not take a lot of effort or knowledge to the staple new fabric over the old fabric on a chair or cushion, and doing that can make the piece look brand new.


Add New Hardware to a Chest of Drawers:

Drawer pulls and handles can have a dated look to them, and they are extremely easy to change out. You can go to the store and check out all of the modern designs that are available when it comes to hardware for furniture, and you can switch out the pulls and handles on your chest of drawers or armoire.


Remove Trim from Bookcases and Other Outdated Items:

If there pieces of wood on your bookcase that are there simply because the original builders of the bookcase thought that they made it look nice, you might consider tearing those off. You can tear off or sand off the trim and embossed elements on a piece of wooden furniture.


Paint Items that Don’t Fit In:

If you are tired of the dark wood that was used to create a piece of furniture in your living room, you can cover that wood with paint. If your bedroom set doesn’t fit with the decorations and bedding that you have chosen for your room, you can paint it to make it new. You can cover wood with any color of paint that you like to give it new life.

Clean it Up

Simply cleaning a piece of furniture can make it look brand new! Cleaning and polishing wood pieces can drastically change their appearance. You might be surprised by the results you get with a professional upholstery cleaning. Removing stains and dirt will reveal the original beauty of an upholstered sofa or chair. Learn more at


You Can Give All of Your Furniture a New Look:

There are both subtle changes and big changes that you can make to your furniture. With a little effort, you can make existing furniture look like brand new furniture that you have just picked up from the store.